How to Clean Laminate Floors?


How to Clean Laminate Floors

On the question of the admissibility of the use of a water appliance on laminate surfaces, the correct answer is this: it all depends on the type of laminate that you choose for flooring. Different types of material are produced using different technologies, and the resistance of the material to moisture will depend on the technique of laminate processing. Let’s look at the main types of laminate flooring and see if it is possible to use a washing device on a particular type of laminate.

  • If the material is made using the direct lamination method, when cleaning it, it is not advisable not to allow moisture to enter the surface, since contact with water can cause deformation of the coating;
  • A high pressure product has higher moisture resistance, but experts do not recommend wet cleaning for this type of coating more than once every seven to ten days;
  • It is safe to use a washing vacuum cleaner for a laminate produced by the method of continuous pressure. This type of product is considered absolutely waterproof;
    There is also a kind of material in the fabrication, which uses caching technology. This kind of laminate in no case can not be washed – neither manually nor with a vacuum cleaner. The coating is rubbed with a special foam, and the dust is removed with a clean and dry cloth.

Please note that you can not tell all these subtleties in the finishing materials store, or deliberately mislead you, and therefore always check the labeling and waterproofing properties of the material. Also, it’s nice to read reviews on the type of coverage on the Internet.

If you are sure that your laminate flooring is not afraid of moisture – you can safely proceed with the selection of the washing device. Let’s understand what kind of vacuum cleaner is best for a laminate to choose.

What characteristics of the device pay special attention to when buying?

Before you stop your choice and buy a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning of laminate and carpets – read its instructions and when reading it, pay attention to the following points:The device must have a suction power of not less than 300 W.

  • According to reviews, aggregates with a lower index poorly collect moisture from the surface and leave puddles on it;
  • It is desirable that the unit was equipped with protective devices – wheels with rubber rims and soft bumpers (photo). In this case, when moving around the floor, the device will not scratch the laminate;
  • Pay attention to what brushes and nozzles come with the device. The brush should have both villi to clean the dust and rubber pads to remove water from the treated surface
    Also worth paying attention to the characteristics of the noise of the device and its weight. If the vacuum cleaner is cumbersome and heavy – it will be difficult to use it for cleaning the house with stairs, it is difficult to move around the floors and rooms.

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