Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews


In general, this is a tremendous vacuum. The person who will be happy with this combination is one who:  wants a light vacuum, has basically a carpet in his house, has a ladder with carpet covering and uses attachments.

I liked my old vacuum, so using LBU was an impressive impression for me: I did not understand how much effort I apply to my old vertical with attachments – not only heavier, but so much bending and tilting to change settings or get tools.

At 11 pounds, LBU is 2 to 3 pounds heavier – but less expensive – than competing models. Bonuses: he has a long cord and a handle for cleaning stairs.

Competing Models

Hoover LBU, 11 pounds list $ 300 / retail $ 300 (including canister), 6 years warranty
Riccar RSL5; 8 pounds list $ 710 / retail $ 500 (no container), 3-year warranty
Oreck XL Gold: 9 pounds list $ 600 / retail $ 500 (including canister), 5/10 guarantee
Oreck XL Platinum: 9 pounds list $ 800 / retail $ 600 (including canister), 10 years warranty

All of these racks (including LBU) are similar to commercial models, but you do not get the same carpet height adjustment, lifetime belt, HEPA filtering and commercial models warranty.

In the additional container there is a strap and 25 food cords. I did not like it the first time I tried it, but the second time I adjusted the strap to suit me (DUH!), And then I LOVE! The canister carries nozzles for slots and brushes, so switching is easy, and the rod expands. (I do not use a floor tool, because I use a wand on my hardwood).


I use my car for about 6 months. About a month ago, I noticed that my car no longer displaces the fresh smell of air. I assumed that although the bag was not completely filled (in 5 months, in a 2800 sq. Ft. Carpeted house), the dust from my 15 / 16yo carpets scored it, and so I replaced it (not bad … 5 months for one bag). After replacing the bag, he still did not smell as good as at the beginning. Do not disgust, just dusty. Hmmm. So I took out a new bag, dusted the inside of the bag area (carefully, so I did not damage anything), removed the base of the machine and cleaned it and cleaned it of the vacuum (advantage in a separate canister),

This seemed to have pretty much solved it for me, but I asked about it when I called the battery for my collection of the Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum) (see Overview), and to him said that if you live in a very humid climate (for example, on the Gulf Coast), then the machine from the tissue bag can develop a funky smell – especially if stored in an unventilated area – that can be treated by placing the vaccine in the sun on a hot, dry day, I was told NOT to use a carpet of fresh or other powders or nebulizers (n for example, Febreeze), because the product may eventually build up and clog the outer bag.


CONTROL FINGERTIP – Great. Now many models have this type of control, and now when I used it, I would not buy one that did not have it.

HEPA SYSTEM – Great. My old vacuum was a HEPA model with HEPA bags, but there is no comparison with this model. The air in this vacuum comes out smelling fairy. I bought and returned Kenmore’s most popular canister, which had the same surprisingly clean exhaust (it turns out that I do not like using a canister), so I believe this is a new sign of quality vacuums.

AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT OF THE HEIGHT OF THE VEHICLE – Works great. Previously, I had to bend over to change the height adjustment of the carpet on different carpets, but the LBU self-tuning really works – without any problems to push the vacuum even into the thickest pile.

ACCOMMODATION – Clever! It extends beyond the top of the bag, not from the bottom. This means that I have an even more convenient cord, because I do not need to hold a piece of cord so that it does not work on it.

CLEANING CAPACITY – A VERY effective carpet cleaner, my 15-year-old carpets look and feel (barefoot) remarkably cleaner and even look and feel newer. Great for removing hair from the carpet. Vertical – 5.5 A with direct air flow, as well as the listed models of Riccar & Oreck. The canister is 7 amperes. (The combined total number stated in the product description is very confusing, I believe that Hoover thought that consumers wanted a 12 amp machine, but amplifiers were like gas mileage, and if you get more suction for less current, it’s like getting a better run is not bad, plus you will not blow up your fuses!)

EASILY MANEUVERABLE. It is expected that this will be an easy model, and all the models I tried were easy and without problems, but the Riccar & Orecks that I tried needed to be kicked or tipped over the edge of the rug to another carpet. In my house, I have carpets in several rooms on top of the wall-to-wall carpeting, and the LBU moves smoothly around the edges (even on my thickest carpet) without the need for a blow or an extra hard thrust.

LIFETIME LED HEADLIGHT – Brilliant! (Literally!) It’s brighter than any other light I’ve ever had in a vacuum, and whether it’s really aimed at the carpet! I think that the LEDs allowed them to direct the light better than the standard light bulb. I’m sure that other models equipped with LEDs are comparable, so look for this feature,

BELT BELT – YES! Over the years, I’ve replaced SO with a lot of belts, and I will not do it any more, thanks God.

LADDER HAND – Finally. It has a convenient shape and works well. To use competitor models on the stairs, you have to hold them by the back tube that I tried, and it’s not as simple as using a pen. However, see below.

CORD RELEASE – (6/9/09 edit) I thought that he did not have it until another Amazon client sent me a comment (see Comments) that it certainly does; then I tried again and VOIL! it does. Since I could not understand this before, I had a habit of simply winding the cord on my arm and sticking it into the upper cord holder. LBU does not threaten to topple at all when I do it, so it works fine and will save me another bend and stoop – but it’s a good function, so I’m glad that the engineers did not leave it out.


LADDER HAND – Good grief! I guess it’s really necessary to release the engine in the direction of the handle to clean the ladder (!), So instead of damning the engineers, keep the handle on the right side. That’s enough to do it, thank God. Or, first, clean the ladder before the engine warms up.

NO BRUSH ROLL ON / OFF – Hmm. This is in the description (and competitors’ models are the same), so this means that the vacuum is ONLY for people with carpet. (2/1/2011 edit: I was told by other Amazon users that the brush roll does not touch the floor when it is put on a hard surface, so I do not have to worry about damaging my hardwood floors. and I did not see any damage, but I’m not sure about it.) I have about 80/20 carpet / bare floor, so it works for me. I use a stick on my hardwood, and the other person I talked to has parquet floors, and this vacuum says that she does not care because her parquet floors are not new. But if you have new parquet floors, do you really want to use the brush?

DEAR BAGS – Really, for $ 5? But they are huge, and they are very high quality with tissue-like paper, so we’ll see. Previously, I often changed my old ($ 3), so maybe this will work the same or even cheaper.

CARRY-STRAP FOR CANISTER – not supplemented. Does anyone know where I can buy a 1 ½ inch seat belt?

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