How to Clean Laminate Floors?


How to Clean Laminate Floors

On the question of the admissibility of the use of a water appliance on laminate surfaces, the correct answer is this: it all depends on the type of laminate that you choose for flooring. Different types of material are produced using different technologies, and the resistance of the material to moisture will depend on the technique of laminate processing. Let’s look at the main types of laminate flooring and see if it is possible to use a washing device on a particular type of laminate. Read More

Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews


In general, this is a tremendous vacuum. The person who will be happy with this combination is one who:  wants a light vacuum, has basically a carpet in his house, has a ladder with carpet covering and uses attachments.

I liked my old vacuum, so using LBU was an impressive impression for me: I did not understand how much effort I apply to my old vertical with attachments – not only heavier, but so much bending and tilting to change settings or get tools.

At 11 pounds, LBU is 2 to 3 pounds heavier – but less expensive – than competing models. Bonuses: he has a long cord and a handle for cleaning stairs. Read More